Accepted Papers

3D Heart Image Reconstruction and Visualization Conditionally Accepted
A Cause-based Semantic Analysis of deforestation using Multispectral Reflectance Accepted
A Cloud-based Learning System for Java Programming Class Conditionally Accepted
A Comparison of Montecarlo Linear and Dynamic Polynomial Regression in Predicting Dengue Fever Case Conditionally Accepted
A time-series phrase correlation calculation system with acoustic signal processing for music media creation Accepted
Acoustic Impedance Estimation Using Calibration Curve for Scanning Acoustic Microscope Accepted
Adaptive Morphology-based Design of Multi-Locomotion Flying and Crawling Robot’PENS-FlyCrawl’ Accepted
Application to Determine Water Volume for Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Network Accepted
Auto Cropping On Iris Image For Iridology Using Histogram Analysis Conditionally Accepted
Basic Dance Pose Applications Using Kinect Technology Accepted
Building A Socially Acceptable Navigation and Behavior of A Mobile Robot Using Q-Learning Accepted
Cluster-Based Pathloss Exponential Modeling for Indoor Positioning in Wireless Sensor Network Conditionally Accepted
Combination of Weber, Oriented Gradient, Fourier and Color Features for 3D Textured Matching Conditionally Accepted
Comparison Study of Gaussian and Histogram Equalization Filter on Dental Radiograph Segmentation For Labelling Dental Radiograph Accepted
Design Model Material Requirement Of Coconut Flour Production and Performance Testing Based Multi User in North Sulawesi Conditionally Accepted
Designing Mobile Application for Retrieving Book Information using Optical Character Recognition Accepted
Development of Fighting Genre Game(Boxing) Using An Accelerometer Sensor Conditionally Accepted
Earthquake Disaster Risk Map in East Java, Indonesia, using Analytical Hierarchy Process – Natural Break Classification Accepted
Enhancement of Low Quality Thick Blood Smear Microscopic Images of Malaria Patients using Contrast and Edge Corrections Conditionally Accepted
Event-Based Feature Extraction for Analyzing the First Damage of Coral under Temperature and Light Intensity Stressor Accepted
FLoW Vision: Depth Image Enhancement by Combining Stereo RGB-Depth Sensor Accepted
Improved Segmentation of Cardiac Image Using Triangle and Partial Monte Carlo Accepted
Improving Auto Level Method for Enhancement of Underwater Images Conditionally Accepted
Introducing the PodRacle, Spherical Mode Rolling Locomotion on the Flat Surface Accepted
Media and Religious Language – Comparative Text Analysis in German, English and Japanese about the 3.11Earthaqake, Tsunami and Fukushima Catastrophe in Japan 2011- Accepted
Minimization of SQL Injection in Scheduling Application Development Conditionally Accepted
Mobile Cooperative Tracking with RSSI Ranging in EKF Algorithm for Indoor Wireless Sensor Network Accepted
Optimal Cone of Relative Position Acquisition Module of Multi Mobile Robot Accepted
Performance Analysis of Gaussian and Bilateral Filter in Case of Determination the Fetal Length Accepted
Quality Measurement Classification for Water Treatment using Neural Network with Reinforcement Programming for Weighting Optimization Conditionally Accepted
Reduce Complexity Computation of MIMO Decomposition Based on Single RF Using Kalman Filter Accepted
Secure Data Sensor Access Using Attribute-Based Encryption With Revocation Environmental Monitoring Accepted
Segmentation Echocardiography Video Using B-Spline and Optical Flow Conditionally Accepted
Semantic Image Searching System Based Features Impressions, Color and Shapefor Madurese Batik Cultural Conditionally Accepted
Similarity Ranking Method based on Semantic Computing for Context Aware System Conditionally Accepted
Speech Generation for Humanoid Robot Interaction Conditionally Accepted
Temporal Sentiment Analysis for Opinion Mining of ASEAN Free Trade Area on Social Media Accepted
The Bionic Hand Movement Using Myo Sensor and Neural Networks Accepted
The Determinant Factor of Breast Cancer on Medical Oncology using Feature Selection Based Clustering Accepted
Urban Flood Risk Mapping Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and Natural Break Classification Conditionally Accepted


The evaluation of the paper and all comments from reviewers are enclosed to notification message via the authors’ email and EDAS.

For the paper with conditional acceptance, the authors need to make major revision of their paper as suggested by the reviewers. If there is no important revision in their final paper as the reviewers’ suggestion, the paper could be cancelled from the acceptance.

We hope that the authors can take them into account as much as possible in preparing the final manuscript (camera ready) of their paper in order to accomplish a high quality paper. Now we would like your cooperation with the double check of your paper:

  1. For the copyright: Please ensure you process the copyright. The IEEE e-copyright submission can be done in EDAS electronically at ‘Copyright form’.
  2. For the paper final version: Please Strictly use and follow to IEEE template Manuscripts (Word Format)
  3. Please ensure that number of pages of your final paper is 6-8 pages.
  4. All the papers have to go through the file conversion (become PDF file) offered by IEEE PDF eXpress. You can refer to the link here. You will need the Conference ID to log in, which is: 40412X. After file conversion (become PDF file) offered by IEEE PDF eXpress successfully. You can upload PDF file paper final version in EDAS at ‘Final manuscript’
  5. Please take notice that the Final Paper should be submitted by October 7, 2016.
  6. Most importantly, please ensure the similarity score is less than 30%. You can refer to EDAS to see the similarity score of your paper. According to IEEE regulations, any paper with a similarity score of more than 30% will be dropped and should be reported to IEEE. Please make sure your final paper follow this rule.
    If the similarity score of final version is more than 30%, the paper will be dropped or cancelled to be presented at KCIC 2016.
  7. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g. removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.


Accepted Status for Conditionally Accepted Papers after Revison